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This was an extraordinary year. The world went through a series of shocks and shake-ups, and in between the glory and gore, hope and despair of 2015, we saw extraordinary projects giving us glimpses of the future.
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Oki Sato of Nendo took Japanese minimalism to a new edge with these coffee tables for Glas Italia.
Since 2004, Berlin based artist Heike Bollig collects objects with manufacturing errors. Each object tells a special story about its production and makes a concise record of the moment that went out of control.
Japanese paper manufacturer Takeo connected past and future by commissioning selected Japanese designers to come up with future concepts for paper - one of the most traditional materials in Japan and Asia.
With the 'Infopoint BBT', the observation site for the construction of the Brenner tunnel in Forte di Fortezza (Frankensfeste fortress), Architect Markus Scherer designed an impressive connection between the past and the future in the heart of Europe. Franzensfeste fortress was inaugurated by Ferdinand I of Austria on August 18, 1838. The site has always played an important role in the transit of goods on the north-south bound: As the Amber Road between Greece, Sicily and Northern Europe, and in the Roman period, between Aquileia and the regions beyond the Alps. The BBT - Brenner Base Tunnel - is a 55-kilometre long railway tunnel through the base of the Eastern Alps beneath the Brenner Pass. It will run from Innsbruck Hauptbahnhof in Austria to Franzensfeste in Italy. The Brenner Pass, in the Alps at the border between Austria and Italy, is one of the most important traffic connections between northern and southern Europe, and the motorway going over it is infamous for its frequent traffic jams. The hope is to relieve this situation by improving the railway connection between North Tyrol and South Tyrol with the new tunnel, which will allow trains to cross the Alps much faster. The project is funded by Austria and Italy, and a contribution by the European Union. The project will be the world's second longest tunnel, after the Gotthard Base Tunnel.
New York based artist Daniel Arsham works with the transience of symbols of technology and how it captures - and loses - human hopes and aspirations. In the seventies, Polaroid cameras embodied the forefront of innovation. In 2001, Polaroid went bankrupt.
Danish designer Stian Korntved Ruud created a spoon every day for 365 days, only with hand tools. Both a Zen exercise and a design statement, his 365 wooden spoons also remind us that having a bowl of soup on the table is still not something taken for granted for much of he world's population.
Greece, the very cradle of civilization and democracy, took more than its fair share of pressure on banking matters by its wealthier European counterparts in 2015. Photographer Petros Koublis does not comment, but instead gives us his impressions of a landscape which breathes the very soul of its proud past.
American artist Carson Davis Brown has a slightly subversive and poetic take on consumerism. He uses the vast spaces of supercenters to create instant sculptures with the goods on offer. These sculptures exist only for a short timespan - until they are discovered and dismantled by supercenter employees.
Turkish artist Halil Altindere continues to be against the grain with a mixture of humour and pointed commentary to Turkish and world affairs.
In June 2015, the similarity between photos of stranded migrants and Kader Attia's installation 'Ghost' from 2007 foretold a refugee wave and crisis of a scale the world did not see before.
The borders of Europe, open to each other until summer 2015, sadly closed one by one as a response to the Syrian refugee crisis. Borders are managed by politicians. What borders could do if looked at by architects can be seen in this project of architect Werner Tscholl. He exemplifies bringing cultures together with the Timmelsjoch Experience Pass Museum, presenting the history of the region and its communities between Austria and Italy.
Paris symbolizes the very best qualities of Europe in it's cafes, concert halls and independent publishers, and in 2015, it was assaulted for all of these qualities on 7 January and 13 November. We chose this project by Julien Berthier not as an answer, but as a silent testament for the intrinsic Parisian qualities of irony, criticism and built-in hope: "All the services found in a city corner are assembled in a unique object (bus-stop, streetlight, surveillance camera, kakemono, clock, loud speaker, solar panel, traffic lights, street number, garden, direction panels, street names plates, bird house, taxi post, garbage, parking ticket machine, mailbox, bicycle parking, city map and public bench). This ... is both a proposal (to simplify the urban landscape) and its critique (the aesthetic monopoly of urban furniture and the rationalization of public spaces)."
In our opinion, Banksy's 'Dismaland' was the best show of the year - critical, spectacular, improvised and surprising.
The opposite of elitist art exhibitions is demonstrated by Ben Long: His 'Great Travelling Art Exhibition' consists of drawings made on the blackened rear shutters of long-distance trucks.
Designer Eyal Gever lives and works in Jerusalem. He says: " Uncontrollable power, unpredictability and cataclysmic extremes are the sources for my work. They inspire, fascinate and remind me of the constant fragility and beauty of human-life. Beauty can come from the strangest of places, in the most horrific events. My art addresses these notions of destruction and beauty, the collisions of opposites, fear and attraction, seduction and betrayal, from the most tender brutalities to the most devastating sensitivities. I oscillate between these opposites."
Photographer and set designer Maxime Guyon uses precise lighting and calculated arrangements to show us a present technological reality which appears like an eerie advertisement for a future made of machines.
Israeli photographer Nadav Kander traveled to China in between 2005 to 2007 to travel along the Yangze river, documenting the transformation of the landscape around China's most famed river in the wake of its new economic imperatives.
In Dune, American author Frank Herbert’s 1965 Science Fiction novel, he describes a planet that has undergone nearly complete desertification. American architect Andrew Kudless was taken by the increasing similarity of Frank Herbert's vision and the world of today. A water-poor world is becoming reality in wide parts of the Middle East, Africa, Asia and the American Southwest. Kudless explains: "Lured by cheap land and the promise of endless water via the powerful Colorado River, millions have made this area their home. However, the Colorado River has been desiccated by both heavy agricultural use and global warming to the point that it now ends in an intermittent trickle in Baja California. Towns that once relied on the river for water have increasingly begun to create underground water banks for use in emergency drought conditions. However, as droughts are becoming more frequent and severe, these water banks will become more than simply emergency precautions." His answer is 'Sietch Nevada', an urban prototype that makes the storage, use, and collection of water essential to the form and performance of urban life.
Architect Jo Nagasaka shows us how the burdens of the past - such as the drab mass-produced building blocks of postwar Japan - can be made into assets. In his own words: "We redesigned the space only by removing elements without adding, and improvising the layout of each of the apartments on site, without having drawn their plans in advance".
GGSV Studio 's Gaëlle Gabillet and Stéphane Villard look at things differently. They realize that as long as things are manufactured only for consumption, we will not be able to get rid of waste and pollution. They, as they say themselves, " imagine more objects to make less objects".
Haribo Centennial
Haribo, the company behind the bear-shaped fruit-flavored jelly candy from Germany, is 100 years old...
Last and First Men
The first and last movie by iconic Icelandic composer Jóhann Jóhannsson (1969 - 2018). With his mu...
el cairel II
turistic housing complex buit in reinforced concret
The Demonstrations series.
A new series of paintings, oil on canvas, that deal with movement, the power and energy of the crowd...
A series of watercolour paintings.
No.5 Warehouse Museum of Fossil
A space in the headquarter of a stone manufacturer in China. With its monochromatic walls, oddly sla...
Ebb and Flow
This student design project smartly uses paper to give shape to the intertidal coastline of Taiwan, ...
Pulp architecture
The need to stand out in a hyper-commercialized market results in remarkable examples of contemporar...
Tiago Do Vale took on the admirable task of restoring two maize granaries as examples for disappeari...
Culinary Tradition
Four examples of contemporary food packaging designs inspired by traditional Chinese patterns and gr...
Old-school postal packaging usually gets little attention from graphic designers. Not so in this fun...
Swiss graphic designers We Play created this pop-art inspired, fun poster series for the Archipelles...
Kids House
For Inwayi Kids House in Ningbo City, China, designer Nono Xia of graphic design studio Ninemix cam...
Origami envelopes
Origami Envelopes have a special place in Japanese gift-giving culture. The four envelopes here rep...
Les Concerts du mercredi
The idea of Swiss based graphic design practice We Play Design for these posters for Les Concerts du...
Tatsuo Miyajima: Being Coming
Although this is for an exhibition of Japanese contemporary artist Tatsuo Miyajima at Shanghai Minsh...
Yokohama Museum of Art Calendar
Graphic designers Aizawa office from Yokohama designed this wall calendar. With its unassuming but a...
Core Agora
These shop pavillions in an area of a hotel complex in Greece, designed by Not a Number Architects, ...
Sonata, a multi-housing project in Merida, Mexico, was designed by Mexican practice Arkham. Partly e...
K11 Musea
Westworld meets Surrealism in the interior design of K11 Musea, a new shopping mall in Hong Kong, a ...
Lotus Zen House
The Lotus Zen House hotel is located in Mount Jiuhua, an important Buddhist site in China. Hong Kong...
Laurel Hills Residence
A beautiful example of a contemporary Californian residence, designed by Assembledge architects. The...
House 33
House No 33 by Uemori Masaaki and Uemori Kokutou: A fantastic example on how contemporary architectu...
Pulp Fiction
A selection of American and Mexican Pulp Fiction covers from the nineteen-forties.
Spring 2020 - Project 2 - MassArt
A school project in which we had to redesign a small triangle shape park near Harvard Square in Camb...
Architectural sculptures
Architectural sculptures by K. Kegelmann as part of "Future City" curated by Mario Gagliardi at the ...
Objects of Desire
»Surrealism and Design 1924 – Today« 28.09.2019 – 19.01.2020 at Vitra Design Museum Surrealis...
Synthetic Paradise
Generative music combined with abstract graphics. Click the screen to generate new graphics: https:/...
Chromaglass is a cocktail glass displaying its ingredients through colors. An inner insulating conta...
Francesco Vezzoli: Antique not Antique
Francesco Vezzoli at MUSEO MUSEION.
Inspired by Surrealism and some of the artists of that time (such as Dali or Ernst), I created basic...
Nature morte/Nature vivante
Until recently, artists, designers and architects were used to working with inert, non-living materi...
HYFY is a project to rethink the functions, structures and formal expressions of audio hardware.
The gilded castle
Besides castle Neuschwanstein in Bavaria, Peles is the most remarkable turn-of-the-century castle i...
Furniture design from upcycled materials: Stools from old rubber tyres, oil barrels and washing mach...
The Heavy Palace
The Palace of the Parliament in Bucharest was built in the nineteen-eighties after a design by Anca ...
Back in the USSR
Great retro logos from the old USSR, and a Beatles song.
Faces by 田中 一光 Ikko Tanaka
Inspired by the Bauhaus, by Jazz and by American graphic design, Ikko Tanaka (1930-2002) was one of ...
chair_ONE is the best known design by Konstantin Grcic, a German furniture designer whose work is eq...
Glasses by German manufacturer Cazal were considered a sought-after accessory in New York's hip-hop ...
Arte generativo
Ejemplos de arte generativo que sirvan de inspiración
Reactive Space
Inspired by Plato´s allegory of the cave, this is an architectural study for spaces reacting to its...
Omnidirectional microphone
Design for an omnidirectional microphone, recording sound from all spatial directions. Recorded soun...
A sculptural speaker rendered with GLSL signed distance functions. (C) Mario Gagliardi 2018
Paris 2019. (C) Mario Gagliardi
Rudolf Belling
Rudolf Belling was sculptor, designer, architect and stage designer. In 1908, he founded a studio fo...
Calatrava : Sculptures
Sculptures by architect Santiago Calatrava.
Streampal is a lifestream robot for Youtubers, Instagrammers and others who want to record passages ...
Concept, branding, design and coding of penccil, the site for creative people, studios and gallerie...
Pattern generator
A generator for tile and fabric patterns. Drag and drop images and see kaleidoscopic patterns emerge...
CoBrA Magazines
The avant-garde art collective CoBrA (Copenhagen, Brussels and Amsterdam) existed from 1949 to 1951....
PIXelated Cube
experiment idea materialmatters architecture
My thesis gallery about camouflage and architecture
The e-scooter Boom
The German Ministry of Transport announced that it will legalize e-scooters as road vehicles. All Ge...
Jonathan Ive leaves Apple
On June 28, Apple´s chief designer Jonathan Ive (born 1967) announced that he would leave Apple lat...
Street Life
Photographic impressions in the streets of Tokyo and Kyoto. (C) Mario Gagliardi
Abstract Form
Click 4 times on the canvas and watch how an abstract form is generated: https://www.mariogagliardi....
Every photo has an energy, a direction, and a story. I do not own this story.
Essential Water
In many regions of the planet, water is increasingly becoming rare. Our understanding of water, refl...
The Venice Pavillon
The Venice Pavillon interprets the history of Venice as a point of contact between West and East. Sh...
Collaborative City Planning
The result of the Zero Carbon project: a collaborative scale model of the prototype site, close to t...
Generative Botany
An early app for generative graphics, realized in 2000 in the (now deprecated) Adobe Flash. To use t...
This experiment looks at the process of human cognition. Letters get progressively filled with color...
Creative Changemakers & Future City
Promotional sites for the initiative Creative Changemakers and the event Future City. (C) 2018 MGD M...
The Persona Project
Social media are powerful because humans use the same parts of the brain to interact with machines a...
Architectural studies, Mario Gagliardi 2002-2004.
Dreaming of Skyscrapers
Mario Gagliardi 2006.
Blacker Box
Blacker Box is a design expression for an Intelligent Speaker. (C) Mario Gagliardi Design 2017
Bones, Stones, Sticks, & Stones
Digital photography and manipulation on paper.
Stories of the Future
A generator for news headlines of the future. Every 9 seconds, a new story is generated: http://mar...
Trompe l´oeil
Rugs "Trompe l´oeil". Design: Mario Gagliardi for Mario and Casa.
gift: 礼物
gift, color on paper, by zhu yuzhou, 2022.
Whiskey Bay Press Merc
Bookcover mockup
book cover design idea
Paper sculpture
Choreography of pictorial fetishes
Afterword by WM Hunt These are photographs. These exist uniquely as photographs. The artist, Manuel ...
McDEAD ..and lovin' it!
In Australia we call McDonalds - Maccas. Maccas holds a special place in my heart... it's called cho...
This is an unused piece for the Australian comic ZOMBIE CITIES by Zorab del Rio. I can understand to...
This is the inks for TOKYO ZOMBIES, a piece I did for the Australian comic called ZOMBIE CITIES by ...
Comic Art, Illustration, Art, Line Art, Brush, Comics.
Ilustraciones para artículo: El Papel de la Familia (Hospital Sant Joan de Déu) 2023
Mixed Technique
Shop Them - DR NOKI T-shirts are here!
penccil is happy to announce its launching of penccil shop <t with fashion ...
Chair "Alpina" designed by Mario Gagliardi for Mario and Casa.
Chicco and Onde
Pillows "Chicco" and "Onde", designed by Mario Gagliardi for Mario and Casa. Handstitched and embroi...
Rug set "Pianeti", designed by Mario Gagliardi for Mario and Casa. Handcrafted in 100% New Zealand M...
Dining Table "Flow" designed by Mario Gagliardi for Mario and Casa.
Gran Turismo
Lounge chair Gran Turismo, Design Mario Gagliardi for Mario and Casa.
curve wood
Title is affranchir la ligne, a public art commission for the lobby of a sports complex, plays with...
briller par son absence
burn wood
Bus station
Photos captured as a part of incomplete project looking to be completed.
Twenty Twentyone
Impressions from Vienna in the latter half of 2021. Images by Mario Gagliardi.
Parallel Universe
Sometimes, you can catch one of these scenes when things seem less real, as if another version of re...
Surface N° 2
Arctic Paper presents Surface N° 2 – a second edition featuring a specially curated selection of ...
String Theory: Architecture of Connections
This speculative project starts with the idea that space is not defined by volume, but by connectio...
Coloured stones
The coloured stones is use Traditional Chinese Taihu Stone
Printed textures
3D printing has become a viable production method enabling the rapid production of small and medium-...
The painted house
These experimental structures have been created by combining design processes of architecture and gr...
Candy Morandi
Giorgio Morandi's ceramic vessels have been the inspiration for this project. Morandi´s objects are...
Casa Sperimentale
One of the most visionary built experiments of 20th century architecture was created through the per...
SCARABOOK is the combination of Scarabottolo and the English word book (but perhaps we ought to say ...
My calendar
I start to make it in 2000, the year in which the future has passed, at the request of Adriano Mei G...
71 views of the magic mountain
In the days of the first lockdown I started making these drawings, remotely inspired by Hokusai´s "...