Pascal Häusermann
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Pascal Häusermann was born 19th of November 1936 in Biel, Switzerland. He studied at the School of Architecture of the University of Geneva and continued his studies in London.

In 1959, at age 21, he built his first house from a veil of concrete without formwork. In 1966, he joined the Architecture International Foresight Group with Michel Ragon, Yona Friedman, Walter de Jonas, Paul Maymont, Ionel Schein, Georges Patrix and Nicolas Schöffer. Rejecting the austere apartment blocks that proliferated after World War II, he prefered to imagine individual residential and organic cells.

In 1971 he founded the association "Scalable Habitat" in Douvaine with Caude Costy, Jean-Louis Chanéac and Antti Lovag. The mayor of Douvaine, Jacques Miguet, offered them a piece of land so they can experiment with urban theories. Between 1971 and 1973, he developed the ´Domobiles´, a housing concept of polyurethane foam shells covered with reinforced polyester which can grow with the user.

His vision was to give the inhabitants of a town the tools to allow them to organize their own city. Every citizen would own prefabricated cells placed in rented spaces in a real estate company that would have supported the development of roads and vertical circulations.

In 1990, he left Europe to Madras in India to continue his research. He died on 1 November 2011 in Madras.
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