Universality of the Vortex-Sphere Archetype
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The Universality of the Vortex-Sphere Archetype - Code nature sign language

Following the entire presentation, we postulate that the origin lineage of the various natural and artificial morphologies has been explained as a manifest expression, having in the subsidiary the archetypal elementariness of the duality of the spiral-sphere principle, a dynamic complementarity whose inseparable symbiosis makes the entirety of volumetric formal diversities be born, disappear, and then be reborn.

Therefore, the dynamic polygonal or polyhedral geometries rhythmically alternate between complementary geometric antipodes, being, in fact, instances of the same standing wave; the induction by a vibrational contribution of the stationary periodic oscillation in the pulverulent or fluid matter institutes itself as a center of real becomings, undoubtedly tangible and yet elegant, overlapping experimental empiricism with the aesthetics of geometric becomings, all under the ineffable corolla of kinetic harmonies started at the gracious confluence between experiment and artistic creativity.

Then, elucidating the semantic structures detached from the chronological pursuit of the natural shape becomings and the development of a hierarchical conceptual construct that relates the chronologies of emergence and the development of the shape, bringing together the spherical aggregates’ growths that become spiraling-polyhedral with the increase in the number of elements, and finally related to this alphabet of the becoming of the shape, which condenses together triumvirate sphere-spiral-standing wave with the random nonlinearity of chaos.
For example, following the biological developments’ successions in the plant developments, we deduce the causal chain as a morpho-linguistic narrative.
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