Igort Tuveri
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Igort Tuveri (Igort) was born in Sardinia in 1958. His first stories were published in the magazine Il Pinguino, which he co-founded. Throughout the 1980s his work appeared regularly in the pages of the most prestigious international comic magazines (Linus, Alter, Frigidaire, Metal Hurlant, Vanity, The Face). In the late 1980s he co-founded another international comics magazine, La Dolce Vita, which, with Raw magazine, has the distinction of being one of the best designed and most influential series of its time. Igort´s books were being published in Italy, Japan, France, the USA, Canada, Germany, Holland, Spain, Greece, and Portugal. His first translated work in English, 5 Is the Perfect Number, has been nominated for and won numerous international awards, including the Harvey Award in the USA and the Frankfurt Book Fair "Best Graphic Album" award.
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