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Claudio Sibille graduated from IUB in Montevideo, Uruguay. His speciality is furniture design. At the beginning of his career, he focused all his work in space saving and multifunctional projects, like the Ludovico and Alina coffee table, among others. Always keeping function above it all. Formal aspects where secondary. Later, he started working on more standard designs, leaving the multifunctional aspect aside. Even though he has gone through two completely different stages, his work remains true to himself. His own vision of the world has changed from the Ludovico to the Holst desk. As he grows older, his work shows much more MID TWENTIETH CENTURY nostalgia, an age never lived, only through memories, tales, pictures, and remaining old furniture (and yet always contemporary) he has inherited from his grandfather. He continues on this trend now. Paying hommage to the past without being old. Searching for a contemporary nostalgia.
Studio BAAG
Afflicted Objects
Cutting Edge
Ramona Rosales Portraits
B3 / Wassily
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The Value Of Worthless
Nordic Seating
algorithms that distort, abstract and taint
Pryor Console
Ginzburg and Milinis: Narkomfin
Le Moigne
バガボンド summer collection
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Summer seating: Hoop chairs by Raymond Loewy, Hans J. Wegner and Franco Albini
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Artek + Vitra : Micasa, SP
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Japanese Swiss Greek
Jordi López Aguiló
Joel Escalona, Mexico City
Biomimicry Soft Seat
Pili Wu: Plastic Classic
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Klas & Schenk-Mischke
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Contemporary Turkish Design: Naiftasarim
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Alessandro Mendini 1931-2019
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Michael Schoner
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Memories of Ruins: Rebecca Bathory
Poul Hundevad and the Guldhøj chair
BASILE ARTECO "Coquetier" design Paolo Ulian
Jorge Zalszupin and L'Atelier
Jindrich Halabala, United Arts and Crafts
Air Luxe
Sketching: Bellini, Castiglioni, Colombo, Mari, Magistretti, Munari, Ponti, Sottsass
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