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Like all great travellers, I have seen more than I remember, and remember more than I have seen.
Benjamin Disraeli

(C) Mario Gagliardi
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Louisiana, Denmark
Austin, Texas
Paris, France
Vienna, Austria
Venice, Italy
Venice, Italy
Venice, Italy
Kyoto, Japan
Kanazawa, Japan
Kyoto, Japan
Louvre, Paris, France
Dubai, UAE
Venice, Italy
Venice, taly
Milano, Italy
Kyoto, Japan
Paris, France
Paris, France
Vienna, Austria
Dubai, UAE
Forbidden City, Beijing
Frankfurt, Germany
Palermo, Italy
London, UK
Dublin, Ireland
Museum of Applied Arts, Vienna, Austria
Sloane House, London, UK
Acropolis, Athens, Greece
Highway A1, Austria
Museumsquartier, Vienna, Austia
Tokyo, Japan
Karlsplatz subway station, Vienna, Austria
Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo, Japan
Venice, Italy
Palermo, Italy
Airport, Vienna
Northern Denmark
Atlanta, USA
Dubai, UAE
Atlanta, USA
Kerala, India
San Francisco, USA
Pantheon, Paris, France
Dubai, UAE
Obsolete Distinction
In contemporary society, the digital world pervades the physical to such an extent that any distinct...
On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the birth of the Italian Republic, 40 masters of photogra...
Design & Politics
Photo series "design and politics" by Philippe Jarrigeon, photographer and publisher, born in 1982 i...
Julius Shulman: Visual Drama
"Julius had an eye for visual drama. With modernist buildings, he loved capturing the strong lines s...
Memories of Ruins: Rebecca Bathory
Finding beauty in darkness, poetry and meaning in the forgotten and surreal, imaginary worlds amongs...
Toshio Onda
Japanese Fashion photographer Toshio Onda studied at the University of West England. He lives in Par...
Mimicry and Makeshift
Two future visions for urbanism and ownership: Mimicry city - where everything wants to be owned. As...
F zero zero d
Plates decorated with stylized prints of stereotypical food items: a hot dog, a steak, a slice of pi...
Place cards
Place cards for business meetings: Graphics of common business metaphors are placed in front of meet...
Rayan Ayash
Rayan Ayash is a Fashion Photographer based in New York & Paris.
Palmyra, End of March, 2016
Palmyra. City of Mesopotamia, city of the Phoenicians, of the Assyrians, the Greeks, the Persians, a...
The end of history - La fin de l´histoire
"Belief in progress is irresistible. In flattering the eye it blinds us. Standing in the middle of t...
Naoya Hatakeyama was born in 1958 in Iwate Prefecture, Japan. Hatakeyama, a student of Kiyoji Otsuji...
Man. Kiki. Lee.
The muses of Emmanuel Radnitzky (Man Ray) "All I need is an onion, a bit of bread, and a bottle of ...
“Modern man has become a cog in a very complex society. We live in a society that praises individu...
Uncanny Bodies
There is a space of imagination stretching between brain, lens and body: Photography by Ariana Molly...
Trees in Winter
A series utilizing random patterns in nature to reveal mathematical beauty, by Ansen Seale.
Noémie Goudal is a French artist who graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2010 with an MA in ...
Nauru was first inhabited at least 3,000 years ago. Inhabitants caught ibija fish, acclimatised them...
The Krampus in Salzburg, Austria was the first beast Charles Fréger encountered during his two-yea...
The contemporary condition
Fred Guillaud (France, 1973) is photographer, architect and teacher. He lives and works in Barcelon...
Orange mecanique
Philippe Jarrigeon, photographer and publisher, was born in 1982 in France. He graduated from ECAL ...
The Many Sides of the Moon
Variations on light refraction patterns through a prism, in a set-up reminding on the iconic cover o...
"I’m an outsider"
Born in New York City in 1928, William Klein studied sociology while enrolled at City College of New...
Raised in Maryland, Nicholas Alan Cope moved to Los Angeles in 2004 and attended Art Center College ...
Josef Sudek
Josef Sudek (b. March 17, 1896, Kolin, Bohemia – d. September 15, 1976) was a Czech photographer, ...
Jeannette Montgomery Barron was born in 1956 in Atlanta and studied at the International Center of P...
Charles Negre
Charles Negre is an independent studio photographer living and working in Paris.
constructing meaning in 3 steps
Frank Hülsbömer was born 1968 in Münster/Germany.
Photojournalist Luke Wolagiewicz lives in London. Over the last 15 years he has worked across the Mi...
The 2015 best of penccil
This was an extraordinary year. The world went through a series of shocks and shake-ups, and in betw...
The Other Side
There's always another side, other stories and new faces behind the glamorous curtains of the fashio...
Spatial Objects
Spatial Objects is the result of Dan Holdsworth’s ongoing enquiry into contemporary photographic p...
Hello Winter
Hello winter . A small selection of landscape photography made in the Atlantic islands of Azores dur...
Ankara: From pioneering modernism to revivalist mimicry
Ankara: Öncü modernizmden öykünmeci mimesise Murat Germen is an artist using photography as an ...
In this work Andrea Alessio collects, as in an ancient bestiary, a series of animal images. The fore...
I would like to introduce this new series of photos by Andrea Alessio by appealing to an axiom that ...
Behind the walls
Paolo Ventura was born in Milan in 1968. His work has been exhibited in museums and private gallerie...
Lo Zuavo Scomparso
Paolo Ventura was born in Milan in 1968. His work has been exhibited in museums and private gallerie...
Technological Exaptation
Images by photographer and set designer Maxime Guyon, currently living and working between Lyon (Fra...
Parisian Still Lifes
Photographer Romain Bernardie James, born 1980, lives and works in Paris.
Volkswagen Jetta
Herla King,2010-2012. Mirror and colored vinyls & spray-paint on 1984 Volkswagen Jetta. Etienne Bard...
Inside is Out - Outside is In
photography by Thomas Skou, Copenhagen.
Photographer Benedict Redgrove was born in Woodley near Reading, England. He studied at Berkshire Co...
Ramona Rosales Portraits
Photographer Ramona Rosales lives and works in Los Angeles.
Memory & Form
Paul is an Australian-Taiwanese photographer living and working in New York. He studied in Milano an...
Low Tech
Kevin Twomey´s first study of light came from studying theatrical lighting where he learned the abi...
Line structures from branches and trees against the sky or as a reflection
White Rooms
Photographer Wouter Hogendorp from Den Haag documents the beauty of architectural details: light, th...
Dominik Tarabanski
Photographer Dominik Tarabanski was born in Poland. He lives and works in NYC.
New York by Louis Faurer
Louis Faurer (1916 – 2001) was an American fashion and street photographer. The significance of h...
The Long River
Nadav Kander came to China several times in 2005 to 2007, visited 186 cities and traveled along the ...
Things As They Are
Erin O´Keefe is a visual artist and architect based in New York City and New Brunswick, Canada. She...
It Must Be Beautiful
Bus stop embellishments in Belarus. Photographer Alexandra Soldatova was born in 1983. She graduated...
Seventies Portraits
Beautiful black and white portraits from the seventies.
Time Bandits
Visual communication artist Sabine Marx-Nieder is based in Munich, Germany.
Simon Vahala ....things that simply just happen
... things that simply just happen, with no one noticing or caring. The subject? Nature inscribed by...
André Kertész
André Kertész (1894-–1985) was born in Austria-Hungary. In 1912, he bought his first camera and m...
Happy days in the town of Muhamma, Kerala, India. Images (C) Mario Gagliardi 2014.
Hotel Metropole
Hotel Metropole, Mysore, India. This remarkable building was constructed by the Maharaja of Mysore t...
The ghost of Vasco Da Gama
Kappad beach near Kozhikode (Calicut), India, where the Portuguese explorer Vasco Da Gama landed on ...
Travel Stories
Images from Taichung, Taiwan; Honolulu, Hawaii, USA; Atlanta, Georgia, USA; Berlin, Germany; Frankfu...
Cope: Product
Raised in Maryland, photographer Nicholas Alan Cope moved to Los Angeles in 2004 and attended the Ar...
Cope: Architecture
Raised in Maryland, photographer Nicholas Alan Cope moved to Los Angeles in 2004 and attended the Ar...
Postcards from Miami
Art Deco in Miami Beach. Photos (C) Mario Gagliardi
Brasilia, Brazil
Brasilia, Brazil, 1997. Photos have been taken on an analog camera with Kodachrome Film. (C) Mario G...
The medium is the message
World records: a tribute to ana­log acoustic art by Kai Schäfer. The great albums in music history...
Supercenter disruptions
Mass: an installation project about creating visual disruptions in places of mass. Mass is a site sp...
Ghost: Kader Attia and Ventimiglia
The striking similarities between the installation of Kader Attia and the current situation in Venti...
a collection on the making of images.
Bus station
Photos captured as a part of incomplete project looking to be completed.
Twenty Twentyone
Impressions from Vienna in the latter half of 2021. Images by Mario Gagliardi.
Parallel Universe
Sometimes, you can catch one of these scenes when things seem less real, as if another version of re...
Surface N° 2
Arctic Paper presents Surface N° 2 – a second edition featuring a specially curated selection of ...
The gilded castle
Besides castle Neuschwanstein in Bavaria, Peles is the most remarkable turn-of-the-century castle i...
The Heavy Palace
The Palace of the Parliament in Bucharest was built in the nineteen-eighties after a design by Anca ...
Paris 2019. (C) Mario Gagliardi
Street Life
Photographic impressions in the streets of Tokyo and Kyoto. (C) Mario Gagliardi
Every photo has an energy, a direction, and a story. I do not own this story.
DC Tower
Photography and image manipulation of the DC Tower by Dominique Perrault in Vienna as part of a proj...
Blacker Box
Blacker Box is a design expression for an Intelligent Speaker. (C) Mario Gagliardi Design 2017
Bones, Stones, Sticks, & Stones
Digital photography and manipulation on paper.
Stories of the Future
A generator for news headlines of the future. Every 9 seconds, a new story is generated: http://mar...
Yukon Territory, Canada
Writing & Design
Romantic Modern: The California Architecture of Harwell Hamilton Harris. Writer and Designer, Ted We...
Writing & Design
Casting Shadows, Auguste Rodin. Writer and Designer.
Hoi An
Ancient Town in Vietnam and South-East Asian trading port dating from the 15th to the 19th century 2...
worlds of planet earth
A set of photos from different places on Earth. 2018
AI assistant
With the advance of digitalisation, items which once had a central position in households have disap...
Stories of You
REVOIR is an interactive mirror, activated by emotion detection to create stories through visual lan...
Emotional drones
タマ tama : ball, sphere; also jewel, spirit, soul タマタマ tamatama : by chance Balloon drone...
Emotional Personal Assistant
Intelligent Personal Assistants such as Siri or Cortana are the link between AI-powered systems and ...
One Hundred Thousand Games
One Hundred Thousand Games is an online game with unlimited levels. It takes the genre of first-per...
Emoji Superhighway
With AR technology, virtual information will soon be projected on car windshields. What would happen...
Semantic Space Invaders
Semantic Space Invaders is a computer game in which the gameplay is happening entirely in your perce...
Painted by Time
Inricate patterns created by lichens, made over time around the tiny cracks of ceramic tiles. (C) Ma...
penccil: This was 2017
The penccil year in review is a project selection for 2017, this year curated by Mario Gagliardi. Se...
Flags are symbols of identification. Designed at the time of the formation of a country, they transp...
The pattern of You
Each name results in a unique pattern. The pattern and colors created are unique to each name, and t...
Philip Henry Gosse was a British 20th century naturalist and illustrator. Attempting to fit Charles ...
Wayne Sorce: Urban Color
"Wayne Sorce: Urban Color" is on view from October 21st through November 30th at Joseph Bellows Gall...
The wall
photography and theoretical project about the The seperation wall between Israel and the west bank
Polish alternative musician Swiernalis
Brand and product development project for a series of Korean premium specialty food products. (C) Ma...
Intuitive Feedback for Human-Machine Interfaces
Tangible human-machine interfaces such as remote controls are based on a linear logic with designate...
American Food
Davide Luciano is a New York based conceptual food and beverage photographer and motion artist. His ...
Thai Silk and Rattan
In Thailand, Mario Gagliardi directed a collaboration with silk weavers from Buri Ram and rattan fur...
The algorithm of fashion
Each of these scarf patterns is unique. The production workflow involves an algorithm which creates ...
The art of improvising art
The recently abandoned administrative headquarters of Austrian Post, an imposing turn of the century...
Franz De Lacroix
Model: Franz De Lacroix / Average is Boring Photographer: Paulina Wyszynska
Management 7
7 thoughts on management: Paradox, Management, Hierarchy, Bureaucracy, Trust, Vision, Motivation. (C...
Twelve essential business analysis grids for design management.