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penccil: Font design for a video game
Font design for a video game
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Design of a playful, hopping and unique typeface in two weights for the “match 3 puzzler game” “A Little Lost”
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Kasper Pyndt
Kasper Pyndt: I am a Danish designer with a strong interest in type and print. I obtained my BA from...
More Tong
More Tong is illustrator, typographer, graphic designer and city cyclist based in Shanghai, China. M...
Colors and emotions
If the news would be the colors and emotions of the day:
Gravity Typography
Simulated gravity and physical movement are applied to typed letters. Type some letters, hit enter,...
Richard Niessen
Richard Niessen (Edam-Volendam, 1972) graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in 1996. Richard wo...
Card Alphabet
Typography on beautiful playing cards.
Wim Crouwel
Born in the Netherlands in 1928, Wim Crouwel trained at the Art Academy Minerva (1946–49) and afte...
Fonts by Mario Gagliardi Design, 2009-2010
Superscript² Typography
Fondé à Lyon en 2006 par Pierre Delmas Bouly et Patrick Lallemand, Superscript² est un studio de ...
Rasmus Koch
Work by Rasmus Koch Studio, Copenhagen. Rasmus Koch was educated at the Danish Design School. After ...
Jaemin Lee
Graphic designer Jaemin Lee lives and works in in Seoul, Korea. He graduated with a BFA in visual co...
Massimo Vignelli 1931-2014
Massimo Vignelli was one of the most profound and canonical graphic designers of the 20th century. ...
Graphic artist Istvan Szugyiczky studied at the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts. His clients include ...
Johann David Steingruber: Architektonisches Alphabet
Johann David Steingruber was an architectural designer and builder in the service of margrave Karl W...
Alfabeto Pittorico by Antonio Basoli
Antonio Basoli (Castel Guelfo, 1774–1848) was an Italian painter, interior designer, scenic design...
Herb Lubalin
New York graphic designer, dean of American art directors since World War II, type designer since 19...
Jessica Svendsen, New York
Jessica Svendsen is a graphic designer working at Pentagram in New York. She received a MFA in Grap...
Paris by Moshik Nadav
Moshik Nadav was born 1983 in Israel and graduated from the Typography department at the Bezalel Aca...
Finnish Type: Kokoro & Moi
Kokoro & Moi was founded in 2001 by designers Teemu Suviala and Antti Hinkula. Clients include City ...
Monique Goossens creates typography with materials such as hair, fish and frogspawn. She studied at ...
Ununiverse Nonothing
Graffiti calligraphy by Niels Shoe Meulman. He is born, raised and based in Amsterdam, The Netherlan...
Michiel Schuurman
Michiel Schuurman is a Dutch graphic and textile designer. Schuurman’s personal work specializes i...
Design in use with Bello, a popular font by Underware. The worst designs happen when an offering is ...
Typographic works by New York-based artist Tauba Auerbach. Tauba works in a wide variety of media in...
c´est bon ça
8 variations of good.
A beautiful French wall calendar from the Fifties.
Type specimens from Specimens of Chromatic Wood Type, Borders, Etc by the William H. Page wood type ...
Device 6
A surreal thriller in which the written word is your map, as well as your narrator. DEVICE 6 by Simo...
Machinarium was designed by Jakub Dvorský and developed over a period of three years by seven Czech...
Parallax is a first-person black and white puzzle game with overlapping spatial dimensions by Indie ...
TM: The Typografische Monatsblätter, founded 1933, have been highly influential in making Swiss typ...
Fontastic: Script
Stupendous script font specimens from the 1950s by M.Meijer.
Fontastic: Decorative
Unusual decorative font specimens from the 1940s.
Fontastic: Bold
Remarkable bold font specimens from the 1940s.
Fontastic: Narrow
Surprising narrow font specimens from the 1940s.
Australian Calligraphy
graphic creations by Dave Foster, a designer based in Sydney, Australia. His work has been awarded ...
Typography 1882
Rare typographic specimen sheets from the Album de Peintre en Batiment by N. Glaise, Editeurs Ducher...
Think Work Observe is a graphic design studio based in Udine (Italy) founded in 2011 by Piero Di Bia...
Italian Calligraphy
Specimen sheets of "Modelli di Calligrafia" by Guiseppina Fissore.
Fifties Type Specimens
Rare type specimens from the 1950s: ´La lettre dans la peinture et la publicite´ by J. Jovenaux, E...
a collection of static and animated typography.
Nowhere but here
typographic artwork by Scott Albrecht. Scott is an artist/designer currently based in Brooklyn, NY. ...
Graphical illustrations of ideas. Posters by Genis Carreras and Ryan McArthur.
Beach writing
We write in the sand on the beach to create images about creativity and collaboration.
Type Lookbook
A collection of type: posters, alphabets and specimen sheets.
Projects by Ryan Everson: Fear, Fear Expanded, All My Days Off, Alone Out There, and Forever Towmor...
Break the rules
Graphics by Clement Goebels.
Anne Lee
Graphics and typography by Anne Lee. Anne Lee has a BFA in Graphic Design at the Maryland Institute ...
Harpels Typograph
Amazing type specimens from Harpel´s Typograph, 1870. The Hi-rez images are 2039 by 3389 pixels.
Zhang Qingyun
New York, NY: Book design and typography by Qingyun Zhang.
Font Constructions
Experiments with vector connections in font outlines. The word "Design" looks the same from afar, bu...
Blackboard art
New York, NY: Hand-lettered art with chalk on blackboard by Dana Tanamachi.
inspiring contemporary type specimens from hellotype, groovewear, hyperkit, sebasandclim, Penguin ...
Found and nice
great graphics I found while surfing.
Amazing alphabets
Historic typography
Surrealist directions for use
Paul Rand type specimens
courtesy typetoken
Cover art
Typography and graphics in Epicurean magazine covers and an unknown Japanese journal
work by Atelier Pariri
VH1 Don´t stop the music
images courtesy Ilovedust
Typographic construction generator
This typographic generator creates letters by connecting points within the constraints of letter out...
3D Typography
rendered letters
The company was founded as a typewriter manufacturer in 1908 in Ivrea, near Turin, by Camillo Olivet...
Generative Alphabet
Numbers and Letterforms created by an algorithm. © Mario Gagliardi Design 2019.
This experiment looks at the process of human cognition. Letters get progressively filled with color...
MG Font
An extravagant yet versatile and surprisingly readable font for headlines and quotes. (C) Mario Gagl...
Collection of beautiful typography and graphic design.
Writing & Design
Romantic Modern: The California Architecture of Harwell Hamilton Harris. Writer and Designer, Ted We...
Writing & Design
Bohemian Crossroads: Art & Culture Collide Then Subside. Writer and Designer.
Writing & Design
Bohemian Highways: Abide Then Divide Along the California Coast. Writer and Designer.
Writing & Design
Horizon Homes: Living a Concrete Dream. Writer and Designer, Ted Wells.
Writing & Exhibition
Art That Matters. Writer and Designer.
Auguste Rodin Eye Chart. Poster. Letterpress.
Writing & Design
Casting Shadows, Auguste Rodin. Writer and Designer.
Writing & Design
Bohemian Bridges: California as a Superstructure for Social and Cultural Change. Writer and Designer...
Art Driver
A obstacle driving computer game with visual art. Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to push obsta...
Semantic Space Invaders
Semantic Space Invaders is a computer game in which the gameplay is happening entirely in your perce...
Cellular Letters
An algorithm applies regular growth patterns to a basic font, thereby creating a great range of diff...
An evolutionary algorithm for bike design
A learning algorithm randomly creates simplified body designs for bikes. As they race along the test...
Attraction - Repulsion
An experiment in typographic assemblage. An algorithm creates individual entities (shown as black do...
Glyph: from Greek γλυφή, "carving," and γλύφειν, "to hollow out, engrave, carve". It is ...
Áron Jancsó
“I’m a type addict. Building from scratch is how I like to work, sometimes even designing every ...
Lucha Libre
A small set of ´Lucha Libre´-posters found by Dutch graphic designer Hans Gremmen at a printer in ...
Versuchsaufbau A
Die Grundidee des Versuchsaufbaus–A beruht auf dem System der astronomischen Sonnenuhr. Sonnenuhre...
Laucke Siebein, Amsterdam and Berlin
Studio Laucke Siebein is a design studio based in Amsterdam and Berlin. Dirk Laucke (1965) – born ...
Design of painted wall texts by Rasmus Koch studio for artist Jens Haaning. In 2004, Jens Haaning wr...
The EU Game
A French board game from the nineteen-fifties including hazards and a pan-european currency.
Numerical Digits 1 — 9
1 — 9 for 36 Days of Type —
Din ディン Futura フーツラ
Fonts as glasses: Type glasses, Tokyo.
La Lettre Artistique et Moderne
Specimens from "La Lettre Artistique et Moderne" by Editions Monrocq Frères, Paris. Discovered by P...
Karl Martens
Karel Martens is a Dutch designer and teacher. After training at the school of art in Arnhem, he has...
The Same But Different
Graphic designer Jan Avendano lives and works in Toronto. She is available for coffee hangouts, col...
Now whip it / into shape / shape it up / get straight / go forward / move ahead
Experimental Jetset is a small, independent, Amsterdam-based graphic design studio, founded in 1997 ...
Corbin Mahieu
Corbin Mahieu is a Ghent based graphic designer. He studied graphic design at Saint-Lucas, Ghent and...
Takeshi Okada
Graphic designer Takeshi Okada, born in Hokkaido / Sapporo, skillfully combines Japanese and Western...
I like it. What is it?
Anthony Burrill was born in Littleborough, Lancashire. After studying Graphic Design at Leeds Polyte...
Where Do I End And The World Begins: Hubert & Fischer
Founded by Philipp Hubert and Sebastian Fischer, Hubert & Fischer is a design studio with offices in...
Futurist Aristocracy
Axis No.3, England 1935; De Stijl No.1, Netherlands 1917; Futurist Aristocracy, USA No.1, 1923; Futu...
20th Century Avantgarde Magazines: Blast
Selected pages form Blast No.2, London 1915.
20th Century Avantgarde Magazines: Le Tour de Babel, Les Reverberes
Selected pages from Les Reverberes No.2, Paris 1938, and Le Tour de Babel, France 1925.
20th Century Avantgarde Magazines: Bauhaus, Blok, Mecano
Selected pages and illustrations from 20th century avant-garde magazines: Bauhaus No. 2, Germany 192...
Fonts by Benjamin Varin
Font design by French graphic designer Benjamin Varin. Benjamin Varin studied at the Ecole Nationale...
Hansje van Halem graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in 2003 and works as an independent gra...
Crafting Letters
Kevin Cantrell studied Graphic Design at Brigham Young University. Clients include Macklemore & Ryan...