Un peuple de passage
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"Un peuple de passage" is a poetic colonisation of our space. These ephemeral sculptures occupy a planet that seemed to be deserted by its inhabitants. They play the role of fictitious characters. While they wander over cities and lands, where they are put into situation, they build their story. They acquire a profile of personality, their ghostlike character between objects and situational actors. We then experience the world through the protagonists of an adventure. Completely devoid of monumentality, un peuple de passage lets itself occupy the world like statues with no pretension to eternity. Resembling human subjects limited by the span of their lives, these odds visitors draw an imaginary visual atlas of our world, invading our physical and mental space. As a metaphor of the human species, un peuple de passage questions our history as well our future.
37.2 is the result of an encounter between Italian architect Francesca Bonesio and French photographer Nicolas Guiraud.
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