Jerszy Seymour Amateurtopia
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Berlin born and –based designer Jerszy Seymour studied engineering at South Bank Polytechnic 1987 -1990 and industrial design at the Royal College of Art 1991 - 1993. Whilst living in Milan he started his own experimental projects including ´House in a Box´ in 2002, ´Scum´ in 2003 - and the clothing concept ‘Tape´ in 2003. These and other on going experimental and conceptual projects form the central thrust of his work. He sees design as the creation of situations, as the general relationship we have with the built world, the natural world, other people and ourselves, and as much about the inhabitation of the planet as the inhabitation of the mind
His work spans from playing with the industrial and post-industrial produced object, actions, interventions and installations, covering a range of mediums and materials, objects, film, performance, music and writing.
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Jerszy Seymour Amateurtopia
The chair resulted from a conceptual series of exhibitions and environments in which Seymour explored the possibility of Amateur Society, using wax both as a construction material and as a metaphor for the creative energy and ability in all people. While it even passed the top-level structure tests for contract furniture, it did not whisper or talk, but yelled, offering a seat to Utopia, fully repairable, affordable, and 100% biodegradable.
Jerszy Seymour Amateurtopia
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