How a Logo Survives in a Metropolis
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NY is not just the city that never sleeps, where flashing adverts dominate Times Square. Everything changes in the suburbs, and just adverts are still present. No matter whether they portray well-known brands or show unimportant parking lots; everything in NY must have a place and be visible – meaning ‘exist’ – or otherwise is doomed to failure. For this reason, I get far from the core of the Big Apple and head to an area where the flavour is stronger, to focus only on structures and without allowing colours to take my mind off, in an elegant search to understand how a logo survives in a metropolis.

Ettore Moni is a Parma (Italy) based photographer. He documents contemporary visions of urban landscape and personal project whit a large-format camera (4x5). No post-production was carried out for these pictures. "I love portraying natural and urban landscapes and I like to detect the signs of the changes that mankind has been carrying out. These changes are frequently not aimed at improving our lifestyles: they are nothing but signs. Humans are absent. They have left their signs, their tracks and I like to evoke individuals through their intervention on the landscape."
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BASILE ARTECO "Monoblocco" design Donata Paruccini
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BASILE ARTECO "Ferro/D" design Enzo Mari
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BASILE ARTECO "Monoblocco/L" design Donata Paruccini