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In late 2018, we proposed a strategic repositioning of Vienna Art Week. Although the scheme exists already for 15 years, it is hardly known outside of Vienna. One reason is its analog communication: Vienna Art Week has below 1000 subscribers for its digital newsletter. Another reason is its traditional gatekeeper approach, where just one director needs to decide who is invited and what will be shown at core events. A third of the entire budget was used for folders and other printed media which have been distributed locally, the rest for management and other costs. The events themselves cost very little, as museums in Vienna provide space for free and most artists and speakers have to perform without remuneration. There is a Wordpress website, but it is inactive for most of the year.

MGD suggested a fundamental change in strategy, moving from the gatekeeper model to a digital approach to open the event to the outside world, and proposed to create a digital platform to empower the artists themselves to shape Art Week and its events. MGD was then asked to create proposals for a new communication strategy.

We started with the old brand and modified it to make it appear more open. The new site is supposed to be predominantly user-created, with new features such as QR-coded promotion, interactive Themes, Art Walks (guided tours made by artists to let visitors experience the city in new ways), Art Circles (user groups with special interests) and Art Links (cooperations with companies).

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In the new brand proposal, the letters are rotated 45 degrees to the left to free them from their former rigidity. The thin line to the left becomes an open V to communicate an open vessel for art and creativity.
The old brand with its narrow letters in Alternate Gothic gives an uptight impression. The thin line to the left walls it off.
The narrow angles of the letters of the old brand appear cramped.
Widening the narrow letters and giving them slightly rounded edges.
The theme of the event, expressed as interactive media instead of a static graphic.
Instant tattoos with QR codes to promote the move to digital media.
A user-created page.
A user-created page.
An Art Link page.
An Art Circle page.
Art Walks and Art Rides: guided tours by foot or bicycle, created by artists to let visitors experience the city in new ways.
Art Walks/Rides
A personalized calender for events.
The interactive theme.
The poster in variations to generate interest.
A foldable poster with the programme on the backside instead of a large print catalogue.
Francesco Vezzoli: Antique not Antique
Nature morte/Nature vivante
Arte generativo
Fractal Ballet
Reactive Space
Omnidirectional microphone
Crystalline Image Generator
Rudolf Belling
Pattern generator
4 second universe
Gravity Sketch
CoBrA Magazines
The e-scooter Boom
Private Labels are soaring
Jonathan Ive leaves Apple
Abstract Form
Essential Water
The Venice Pavillon
Generative Botany
Creative Changemakers & Future City
The Persona Project
Blacker Box
MG Font
Stories of the Future
Alessandro Mendini 1931-2019
Pieter Bruegel
Digital Biology
Territorium: Ars - Techne-Krafts-Cosmovisión
Future City - Fashion, Food, Transport
Writing & Design
The loft bar
Low cost urban transport
AI assistant
Hybrid urban scooter
Omnidirectional Speaker
Multifunctional tableware
An organic structure for bikes
Stories of You
Cooking with myth
Emotional drones
Aura: Clouds of Knowledge
Emotional Personal Assistant
S tables
Mechanical Suprematist
Immersive sketch
The shape of clouds
One Hundred Thousand Games
Thames & Hudson
Emoji Superhighway
Art Driver
Unfolding sound spaces
Shape-shifting robotic structures
Semantic Space Invaders
Black Box. A Cabinet of Robotic Curiosities
Cellular Letters
Cellular Automata: A design language for industrial silk
City Garden II ´Spaces´
Charles Tassin
penccil: This was 2017
Cutting the edges
The pattern of You
serpentine 2017
Functional Pasta
We Ar
An evolutionary algorithm for bike design
Attraction - Repulsion
Streetwear Catwalk
Neverending Graphics
Le Drugstore Brand Identity
Coffee maker
Mapping Reality