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Furniture design from upcycled materials: Stools from old rubber tyres, oil barrels and washing machine drums, a pouf from upcycled saris, a table from discarded flip flops...

Image credits: Pure Gold. Upcycled - Upgraded by ifa at MKG Hamburg.
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Khmissa, Rubber Stool R1, 2005, Rubber issued from recycled tires, wooden corpus, foam layer upside, Colours: copper, silver, raw black, gold, H 40, Ø 40 cm, © Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen e. V. (ifa), photo: Frank Kleinbach
breadedEscalope, Stabelle, armchair reworked, (based on Pipistrello), 2015, Larch, oak, beech, steam curved, H 95 x W 65 x D 55 cm, Prototype, © breadedEscalope
Diederik Schneemann, Flip Flop, Table display, 2011, Recycled flip-flops, H 25 x W 30 x D 30 cm,© DiederikSchneemann, photo: MartinMinkenberg
Studio Avni, Pompom Pouf, 2013, Shell: Upcycled silk saris, Polyfill, Filler: foam, H 33, Ø 50 cm, © Avni Sejpal
Ramón Llonch/Artlantique, Palmarin armchair, 2014, Recycled wood from pirogues, H 110 x W 60 x D 56 cm, Galería Out of Africa, Spain, © Ramón Llonch, photo: Joël Ventura García
Junk Munkez, Knit-Knacks, Washing machine drum stools, 2012, © Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen e. V. (ifa), photo: Frank Kleinbach
Piratas do Pau, Mulher-Woman, Rack, 2016, Recycled water heater, H 150 x B 34 cm, Series: Vertical wine racks, © Nelsa Guambe
Sahil & Sarthak, Katran High Back Chair, 2010, © Sarthak Sahil Design Co, Foto: Sahil Bagga
in RAL 5012, H 104 x W 84 x D 46, © Vij5
David Amar, Raymond table, (2010) new edition 2015, Aluminium cast legs, ash wood, H 42 x W 125 x D 100 cm, © David Amar Studio
Cheng Biliang, Steel Bar, Combination Stool, 2016, Armouring irons, H 45 x W 30 x D 40 cm, Sample 1: yellow, Sample 2: blue, Sample 3: red, Sample 4: lilac, © Biliang Cheng
Massimiliano Adami, Fossili Moderni, Room divider, 2006, Wood case, polyurethane foam, plastic objects, H 191 x W 110 x D 48 cm, © Massimiliano Adami
Hamed Ouattara, Dogon stool, 2016, Recycled lubricant barrels, Sample 1: blue, Sample 2: red, Each H 85 x W 40 X Ø 43 cm, Galería Out of Africa, Spain, © Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen e. V. (ifa) photo: Frank Kleinbach
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