Book : Tajima
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A book by Mika Tajima.

Negative Entropy is a series of five abstract Jacquard woven portraits of industrial and information production.
The subjects of this portrait selection are factories that employ industrial textile Jacquard looms (precursors to digital technology) and computer data center sites that comprise the infrastructure of the information economy. These works are simultaneously images and material records of their own making. Field recordings of production sounds were made at each site, then transmuted into digital spectrogram images using linguistic audio software. Color was assigned to the spectograms, then translated into a pattern by a weaving technician to create a Jacquard fabric. The slipcase textile for Negative Entropy is a unique section of a weaving from one of the represented sites. These were woven on a Dornier Jacquard loom. Special hard covers house each of the five volumes that are bound with colored plastic coils matching the cover’s fabrics.
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