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Arctic Paper launches new swatch books for the brands Arctic, Amber and G-Print, as well as the two Munken grades Munken Print and Munken Premium.
The swatch books for the Munken Design Range and the Arctic Volume Range launched earlier in the year were awarded for their great design and functionality with the silver medal at the Swedish Design Award. Now, Arctic Paper presents a new collection of swatch books for its remaining grades, namely the brands Arctic, Amber and G-Print, as well as the two Munken grades Munken Print and Munken Premium. It is an entire package of design options inspired by ideas and shapes for truly creative minds.

The experimental and playful collaboration, solely created for this new collection, with the design agency JUNO and the printing house Göteborgstryckeriet resulted in a series of paper objects, which also serve as the cover images for the new swatch books. Like the award-winning swatch books, the new swatch books combine craftsmanship, functionality and design. They, too, deliver a perfect overview of grammages and other technical information so designers can find exactly the right paper for their projects.
“In times of Instagram and template design, more and more creatives are recognising the significance of paper as a material which can be formed with the hands, touched and felt. That paper is real, and that graphical papers continue to be the basis for long-lasting communication in our real world,” says Martina Rosendahl, marketing communications manager at Arctic Paper, about the idea of the new swatch books.
The paper objects for the key visuals of the new swatch books were not provided as part of a traditional brief – but instead in a collaborative, playful process between Arctic Paper, the design agency JUNO and the printing house Göteborgstryckeriet. Experimenting, bouncing off ideas and lots of personal craftsmanship were an essential element of this teamwork: various types of paper were layered, folded, mixed in their colours, piled up and, thanks to the creative use of the cutting machine, continually re-shaped and formed. The reward for such a journey to new ground of design: an exceptional series of objects which enable us to actually see once again the pure beauty of paper.
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