Non-place, Space between
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Images from a research about the ´space between´- space in urban centers and peripheries, affected by urban situations, mostly overlooked by architects and designers.
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Car space
Car space
Car space: A stunning amount of Space Between in cities is forgotten space: Space below overpasses, in and next to parking lots and in between roads.
Car space: San Francisco.
Car space: Atlanta
Car space
Car space
Car space
Car space
Car space
Car space
Car space
Car space
Car space
Car space
Car space
Car space
Ceremonial space: Space intentionally held free for ceremonies, festivities, markets. Here shown: A religious ceremonial space on Rarotonga, South Pacific.
Ceremonial space: Vicenza, Northern Italy.
Ceremonial space: Village piazza in front of a church in Northern Italy.
Ceremonial space: The vast spaces in the Forbidden City in Beijing have been designed to accomodate large-scale royal ceremonies.
Ceremonial space: Northern Italy.
Ceremonial space: Northern Italy.
From ceremonial space to car space: Chang-An road in 2004. Chang-An road in Beijing, China, passes Tienanmen square, Forbidden City, the Chinese Parliament and the headquarters of the Communist party. Designed as a street for parades, it was until recently mainly used by bikes. It is now choked by car traffic.
Erased space: Old hutong buildings in Beijing, China. There can be a timespan of many years in between old structures being erased for future developments (of the sort seen in the background) and the actual construction of new buildings.
Future space: A signboard in Seoul, South Korea, announcing an entire future district.
Erased space: Beijing, China.
Future space: A model for future housing projects in Hangzhou, China.
Future space: Seoul, South Korea.
A housing project in Mexico.
Between space: Space between buildings, perhaps waiting until the economy recovers to become a new building. Chinatown, San Francisco.
Between space: Chinatown, San Francisco.
Between space
Undecided space: Dubai, UAE. Neither parking lot nor new development, these spaces might have been forgotten, or are simply waiting for a decision by official bodies.
Undecided space.
Undecided space.
Space on top: Space on top of buildings. Atlanta, Georgia.
Space on top, under construction: Tokyo, Japan.
Space on top.
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