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Four major arcana here: Fresh White is at a turning point, and a very positive one. The Sun and the World forming the base of the spread is incredibly solid, indicating a very strong purpose and intent for the future. The first stages of the work are reaching completion, and Fresh White is in the process of weighing it up and considering how to continue from here. The Sun in the hidden position suggests Fresh White hasn’t even realised what the potential of the project can be yet: the best is still to come. Fresh White is seeking a major change in direction, and the question of how to manifest that is very much on Fresh White mind. It’s going to involve travel, a dramatic change of scene [the World plus the Wheel of Fortune] and probably extend into other aspects of the project, such as goals or personnel. Certainly Fresh White is moving through a series of events marked by separation and the loss of something that used to be important to the work, and isn’t any more. The separation or disagreement has already happened, and Fresh White is about to move into a period of adjustment when Fresh White will start to really feel what it’s like o work without the people, concepts, or circumstances Fresh White has left behind. This process will involve a sense of loss, but given the surrounding cards, seems to be an extremely positive thing in the long run. Emotionally things will be a lot easier as Fresh White starts to experience the big changes. The King of Cups sees Fresh White managing this side of things very well. There’s an emphasis on the emotional costs and circumstances of the project rather than the material or financial aspects, at least in the mid-term future. There does seem to be a conflict between Fresh White's creative aspirations and Fresh White's emotional development, with each calling Fresh White in a different direction. The balance here can be found through rest and retreat, and taking time out when needed. The Four of Swords can serve as a warning that Fresh White is working too hard and needs to take time out: if Fresh White doesn’t, Fresh White may be forced to. Fresh White will know if that’s the case. Finally, it looks like Fresh White is feeling very passionate about the new direction the work is taking.

FRESH WHITE was founded 2013 in Berlin.
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