Art Dubai 2015
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This year I again visited Dubai to browse Art Dubai 2015. Now being the hottest art market hub in the Middle East, Dubai is attracting more up-and-coming galleries from the Arab region and India while retaining exhibitors from the U.S. and Europe from its past events. This year I found less socially engaging art and more projects incorporating space and design. Here is a selection of artworks which for me represent the mood of the region at the moment.
Images courtesy: Art Dubai Fair LLC©
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Title : Bricoler l'incurable. Details. Double Life Artist : Mohamed El baz - Galerie Imane Fares Date : 2011 Medium : Neon mounted on carpet Courtesy : The Studio, Dubai
Title : Immobilisme de masse Artist : Omar Bey - Elmarsa Gallery Date : 2015 Courtesy : The Studio, Dubai
Title : Pulse Index, installation view, Sydney Artist : Rafael Lozano-Hemmer Date : 2010 Medium : Plasma screen or projector, computer, digital microscope, industrial camera, metal enclosure, custom software Courtesy : courtesy of Carroll/Fletcher Dimension : 58 inch Plasma monitor, projection can be any size
Title : What A Feeling Artist : Cécile B. Evans Date : 2014 Courtesy : Courtesy of the artist
Title : Reprendre Casa. Carrières centrales, Casablanca, fig. 16 Artist : Yto Barrada Date : 2013 Medium : Chromogenic colour print Courtesy : courtesy the artist and Sfeir-Semler Gallery, Beirut / Hamburg Dimension : 60 x 60 cm, Ed. 5 + 2 A.P.
Title : Self-portrait as Dashiell Hammett IV, Artist : PLENSA Jaume Date : 2014 Courtesy : The Studio, Dubai
Title : Les Marocains, Souk de Boumia, Moyen Atlas Artist : Leila Alaoui Date : 2011 Medium : Tirage photo numérique sur papier Baryte Courtesy : courtesy of Art Factum Dimension : 150 x 100 cm - Edition de 3
Title : Untitled, from the ‘Rehearsals’ series Artist : Nikhil Chopra Date : 2014 Medium : Ink on Paper Courtesy : Courtesy the artist and Chatterjee & Lal Dimension : variable
Title : This is the surface where violence, passivity and dream convert to Landscape Artist : AiR Dubai artist - Mehraneh Atashi Date : 2015 Courtesy : The Studio, Dubai
Title : Edicto Artist : Marlon de Azambuja Date : 2014 Medium : mixed media Courtesy : Courtesy of Sabrina Amrani Gallery and the artist Dimension : 125x185x85 cm
Gallery : Marker Title : interval Artist : Jorge Macchi Date : 2012 Medium : watercolor on paper Courtesy : the artist; gallery Alexander and Bonin Dimension : 40 x 29.5 cm
Title : Intersections Artist : Anila Quayyum Agha - Aicon Gallery Date : 2015 Courtesy : The Studio, Dubai
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