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Marcel Wanders, one of the most recognized designers of recent decades, is looking back at the last 25 years of his design career. He made his international breakthrough in 1996 with the Knotted Chair, a combination of hight-tech material with a low-tech macramé technique. Wanders began his his career by joining the Dutch avant-garde Droog Design Platform but soon found his own broader audience base in the international design scene. Now Marcel is one of the founders and art director of the successful interior design label Moooi. "Marcel Wanders: Pinned Up at the Stedelijk 25 Years of Design" show continues until June 15th, 2014.
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Marcel Wanders, B.L.O., table lamp, 2001 Flos, polished stainless steel, perspex
Marcel Wanders, Topiary Frank, object, 2007 Personal Editions, handmade cotton crochet, secured with epoxy resin, sand blasted
Marcel Wanders, Lace Table, table, 1997 Designed during Dry Tech II project for Droog Design, Swiss lace, secured with epoxy resin, sand blasted
Marcel Wanders, Design for lobby Quasar apartment building, Istanbul, Turkey (to be opened in 2015)
"Marcel Wanders: Pinned Up at the Stedelijk 25 Years of Design"
Marcel Wanders, Egg Vase , vase, 1997 Droog For Rosenthal / Moooi, partly glazed porcelain
Marcel Wanders, Knotted Chair, lounge chair, 1996 Droog / Cappellini / Personal Editions, knotted carbon and aramide fiber cord, secured with epoxy resin, sand blasted. The Stedelijk Museum holds prototype no. 5 in the collection.
Marcel Wanders, Set Up Shades, floor lamp, 1989 Moooi, cotton on a metal frame, later plastic, pvc/viscose laminate on metal frame
Marcel Wanders, Big Shadow lamps (1998), art print, 2012 Cappellini (Art direction photo: Marcel Wanders)
Marcel Wanders, Moooi, VIP Chair, 2000 Moooi, fire retardant foam covered steel frame, wool, polyamide
Marcel Wanders, Interior design Royal Wing Room, Dutch pavilion Expo 2000, Hanover (DE), 2000, with VIP Chair (Moooi) and tablecloth (Netherlands Textielmuseum)
Marcel Wanders, Airborne Snotty Vase: Pollinosis, 2001 Personal Editions, 3D printed polyamide with the SLS technique. The whole series of 5 Airborne Snotty Vases is in the collection of Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.
Marcel Wanders, Murano Bags, shoulder bag, knapsack, handbag, 2001 Mandarina Duck, sandwich of polyester foam and textile
Marcel Wanders, Corona de Agua (prototype), crown for Máxima, 2001 Polished silver, collection of Stedelijk Museum‘s Hertogenbosch.
Marcel Wanders, The Lucky One, sculpture, 2004 Personal Editions, ceramic, gold luster
Marcel Wanders, Zeppelin, hanging lamp, 2005
Marcel Wanders, One Minute Delft Blue, tulip vase, 2006 Personal Editions, painted and glazed ceramic
Marcel Wanders, One Minute Delft Blue, vases, 2006 Personal Editions, painted and glazed ceramic
Marcel Wanders, Skygarden, hanging lamp, 2007 Flos, aluminium, plaster
Marcel Wanders, Stella from the Couture Series, wallpaper, 2008 Graham & Brown, printed paper (Art direction photo: Marcel Wanders)
Marcel Wanders, Sparkling Chair, chair, 2010 Magis, blow-moulded polystyrene Now sold as Still
Marcel Wanders, Big Shadow Special: Eyeshadow, floor lamp, 2011 Cappellini, metal, ink jet printed pvc and viscose fabric
Marcel Wanders, Dressed, tableware collection, 2011 Alessi, glazed porcelain, stainless steel, polished (Art direction photo: Marcel Wanders)
Marcel Wanders and Erwin Olaf, publicity image from the series Inside the Box, Moooi, 2012, with the Random Light by Bertjan Pot (2001)
Marcel Wanders, Lobby Andaz Amsterdam Hotel, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2012
Marcel Wanders, Lobby Mondrian South Beach Miami Hotel for Morgans Hotel Group, Miami.
Marcel Wanders, Lobby Mondrian South Beach Miami Hotel for Morgans Hotel Group, Miami.
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