18 classic chairs
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The chair is one of the most fascinating design objects of all time. An exhibition at the Gorcums Museum in the Netherlands celebrates its design history with more than 90 iconic chairs from the past 100 years. Van stoelen bezeten (Possessed by chairs) has been compiled by Frans Leidelmeijer. The Jacksons collection includes many original and rare classics, 18 of which are currently being exhibited at the Gorcums Museum, among them Scandinavian classics like Eero Aarnio´s famous Ball Chair from the 1960s, Hans J. Wegner´s Papa Bear armchair from the 1950s, and a rare bent birch armchair, designed by Alvar Aalto for the Paimio Sanatorium in 1932. On display are also international classics such as the MR 20, a tubular steel chair designed by Mies van der Rohe in 1927, and a wooden lounge chair created by Marcel Breuer in the 1930s. The oldest chair presented is Gustaf Fjaestad´s Stabbe Chair, sculptured by the artist in 1894 from the thickest part of an old pine tree. The exhibition is on view till March 29, 2015. Images courtesy: Gorcums Museum, Gorinchen, The Netherlands.
Papa Bear Armchair by Hans_J.Wegner, 1950s. Jackson Collection.
PK 11 Chair by Poul Kjaerholm, 1960s. Jacksons Collection.
Ball chair by Eero Aarnio, 1963. Jacksons Collection.
Armchair by Alvar Alto, 1930s. Jacksons Collection.
Lounge chair by Marcel Breuer, 1935-1936. Jacksons Collection.
MR20 Chair by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, 1927. Jacksons Collection.
Chair by Jorgen Hovelskoy, 1961. Jacksons Collection.
Dining Chair by Michel de Klerk, 1917. Jacksons Collection.
Zigzag chair by Gerrit Rietvelt, 1932.
Zigzag chair with art rests by Gerrit Rietvelt, 1932.
Piano chair by Gerrit Rietveld, 1923. Jacksons Collection.
Bloemenwerf armchair by Henry van de Velde, 1894-5. Jacksons Collection.
Armchair by Josef Hoffmann for Purkersdorf Sanatorium, 1904. Jacksons Collection.
Sitzmaschine Armchair by Josef_Hoffmann, ca 1908. Jacksons Collection.
Miss Blanceh by Shiro Kuramata, 1980. Jacksons Collection.
Bone chair by Joris Laarman, 2007. Jackson Collection.
Bone chair by Joris Laarman, 2007. Jackson Collection.
Oh Void by Ron Arad, 2004. Jacksons Collection.
Oh Void 2 by Ron Arad, 2006. Jacksons Collection.
The Chairs from the Jacksons Collection, Stockholm/Berlin.
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