Football and architecture
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In Brazil, a country of 200 million people, the lack of housing is estimated at 5.2 million homes, 1.1 million alone in Sao Paulo. The project "Casa Futebol " offers a reappropriation of the stadiums built or renovated for the World Cup with housing modules with an approximate area of ​​105 sqm. By colonizing the external facades, Casa Futebol brings a human scale to these oversized constructions.

The "Qatar World Cup Memorial" project is a living building that questions the number of workers who died during the construction of stadiums for the World Cup 2022 in Qatar. This is a tower made ​​of concrete modules each representing a deceased worker. With the number of workers the tower gains height. This building offers Nepalese, Indians and other nationalities a memorial reminding on Qatar skyscrapers. Construction cranes are positioned in the upper part until 2022. If the rate of fatalities is not declining, the Qatar World Cup Memorial could reach a height of 1500 meters.

Axel de Stampa and Sylvain Macaux studied at the Ecole d’Architecture de Paris-Belleville.
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