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A curated collection and workshop on handmade and sustainable objects, made in northern Thailand and Laos from local materials. These objects, made after traditional designs, smartly utilize the properties of natural materials in their method of making. The wooden headrest is carved from one single piece of wood, creating two interlocking parts which can be folded. The reed basket is flexible and self-closing, obtaining its functionality from the way the reed strips are bent and assembled. Mario Gagliardi 2013.
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The foldable headrest is a traditional Thai design made from one single piece of wood, carved to create two interlocking parts.
These maracas work by way of dried seeds encased in a dried fruit shell. They are attached to wooden handles and painted in fun colors.
These fans, made from brightly colored reed strips, display two distinct patterns on the front and the back.
The top of this very lightweight and sturdy basket opens by means of its flexible structure created from bent reed strips.
woven fan
Southeast Asian dishes often come with a side of freshly washed herbs (cilantro, mint). These traditional woven cups allow the herbs to dry and dissipate water to the bottom.
Woven covers in intricate designs protect plates of food from flies and bugs while allowing for air circulation.
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