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This experiment looks at the process of human cognition. Letters get progressively filled with colored dots until, after 20 seconds, a new letter is being shown. You will be able to recognize and describe the contours of letters you are familar with in the first few seconds. However, when the letter is in an unfamiliar language, it will take you considerably longer to recognize its contours.

The experiment is meant to make you aware that cognition is limited and highly dependent on your familiarity with a particular environment. An environment you are used to, such as a language, is something you count on as if it were a universality. It is, however, just something you have learned, got used to, and thus can recognize without effort. Once you see an unfamiliar letter, this automatic system is not available, and you have to invoke analytic brain functions to recognize its contour. (C) Mario Gagliardi Design 2012

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