Urquiola for Rosenthal
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For the Rosenthal studio-line range, Patricia Urquiola designed the latest tableware service commissioned by Rosenthal. With her wide-ranging ideas for Landscape – porcelain, glass, cutlery and textiles – she puts a contemporary spin on the theme of “The set table”. Photos courtesy: Die Neue Sammlung – The International Design Museum Munich – and Neues Museum für Kunst und Design in Nuremberg.
Patricia Urquiola is among the most significant representatives of international contemporary design. Born in 1961 in Oviedo (Spain), she studied Architecture in Madrid and later in Milan under industrial designer Achille Castiglioni. Today the multi-award winning designer lives in Milan, where she has run her own studio for product design, architecture, installation and concept creation since 2001. / Stryform and gypsum model using shellac lacquered with docorative patterns, 2005-2008 Photo: Sandro Paderni.
Patricia Urquiola „Landscape“ Cup models made from gypsum and decorative patterns, 2005-2008 Producer:. Rosenthal AG, Selb : Photo: Sandro Paderni.
„Landscape“ Cup models with decorative patterns, 2005-2008 Producer:. Rosenthal AG, Selb : Photo: Sandro Paderni.
Casting form for cup handles.
Casting form made from shellack for tea pots.
Cast form for a tea pot handle.
Casting adn embossing forms for plates and cutlery.
Casting forms for Plates.
Casting and embossing forms for plates and cutlery.
Plate models made from gypsum.
Plates and bowls lacquered shellack.
Surface details. The development of Landscape (2008) took a total of two years. It is characterized by three-dimensional reliefs, which on the one hand lend the porcelain a delicate, translucent look reminiscent of the famous paragon of Chinese rice grain porcelain, while on the other the decoration calls to mind open lacework such as traditional Italian and Spanish craft workers have been making for centuries.
Gypsum model for plates.
Bowls and plates models made from gypsum.
Trial sketches on porcelains with a marker.
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