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Maiko Gubler is a visual artist working with digital modeling tools in imagery and sculpture. After graduating from The Berlin University of the Arts in Visual Communication/Digital Media she has been working as an interactive art director before focusing on image-making and sculpting in 2013. She recently took part in ‘The Printed Object’ at The Onassis Cultural Centre/Athens and ‘En Couverture’ at La Gaîté Lyrique/Paris. Past exhibitions include ‘The Wrong – New Digital Art Biennale’, ‘ReciproCity’ at The Private Space/Barcelona, ‘digitalcraft’ at The Frankfurt Museum of Applied Art, or ‘Sónar’ in Barcelona. Maiko lives and works in Berlin.
Siggi Eggertson: Ich Bin Ein Kugelschreiber
Klas Ernflo: Ink On Board
Daniel Lorch
Gernot Oberfell and Jan Wertel
The New Social
The Graffiti Table
Etienne Meneau
Shannon Goff
Francisco Sobrino: Geometry, Light and Movement
Structure and Movement: Gerhard von Graevenitz
Public Paper
Noam Weiner
Welcome to Wonderland
New Museum
Klas & Schenk-Mischke
Contemporary Turkish Design: Naiftasarim
You belong here
Borgward: The Steve Jobs of German cars
This damned city is a big mirror
Jennifer Allora & Guillermo Calzadilla
Geckeler Michels
Weapons of Mass Distraction
Thomas Lohr
Santiago Villanueva
Gianfranco Pardi
Best Highrises 2014/15
An Entangled World: The Art of Judith Scott
Modular Constructivism: Norman Carlberg and Erwin Hauer
18 classic chairs
Where Do I End And The World Begins: Hubert & Fischer
Michael DeLucia: Sculptures
Donald Judd: Sculptures
Jessica Harrison
20th Century Avantgarde Magazines: Bauhaus, Blok, Mecano
Studio FIELD: Marcus Wendt and Vera-Maria Glahn
Kochi Biennale 2014
Skin : 9191
Emerging trends
A Feast Of Colours
Tania Blanco: Unexpected Documents in Waiting Room
Wim Delvoye: Pneu
Room Portraits
Silent Night
Haubitz+Zoche: Movie Theatres
Melanie Homann
Benjamin Phelan
Posters from Germany, Austria, Switzerland
Don't pay the ferryman
Dorothée Loriquet
Vasa Velizar Mihich
German Pop
Timo Meyer
The Dubai
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The shape of clouds
Jerszy Seymour Amateurtopia
serpentine 2017
Coffee maker
Mapping Reality
Jeff Zimmerman
klub katarakt 12
Home Patterns
German Art since 1960
The Bauhaus Revolution
In Orbit
Standing wave Sculpture
Jewelry Design Art
Luigi Colani
Erwin Poell: Naturwissenschaft + Technik
101 x 101
German Painting after the 1960s
constructing meaning in 3 steps
The Way Of The Light
Oskar Schlemmer: Das Triadische Ballett
The Sea by Emil Nolde
Bender Chair
Versuchsaufbau A
Laucke Siebein, Amsterdam and Berlin
B3 / Wassily
Permanent Objects
Hans Poelzig: Architecture as Gesamtkunstwerk
Sebastian Stoskopff the Painter of Vessels
Material zur elementaren Gestaltung
Time Bandits
Light of Thought
Schlör car
The medium is the message
Paper sculptures
Heinrich Hoerle, Franz Wilhelm Seiwert and Anton Raederscheidt
Printed Stone Fields
Paolo Cirio: Overexposed
Peak Oil