klub katarakt 12
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klub katarakt, the festival for experimental music, takes place for the twelfth time at Kampnagel, Hamburg, from January 18 to 21, 2017. klub katarakt evolved out of the composers’ collective katarakt, which was founded in Hamburg at the beginning of the 1990ies to present compositions by its members in for this music unconventional venues of the club and rock scene.
The klub katarakt festival took place for the first time in November 2005 and since then has established itself beyond Hamburg as an important element in the experimental music scene. Artistic directors Jan Feddersen, Robert Engelbrecht, and Ernst Bechert present this year again a multimedia platform for latest experimental music. klub katarakt explores and develops new dimensions of perception. This time with works by John Cage, Michael Maierhof, Éliane Radigue, Thomas Ankersmit, Anton Kaun, F#X, Nika Son, Phuong-Dan and many more.

klub katarakt
International Festival for Experimental Music
January 18th – 21st 2017
Kampnagel Hamburg

Since its inception in 2005, klub katarakt brought many important figures of the international experimental music scene to Hamburg. Artists like Phill Niblock, Alvin Lucier, Rhys Chatham, Charles Curtis / La Monte Young / Marian Zazeela, Marc Sabat, Gerard Pape, Matthias Kaul, Marko Ciciliani, Lois V Vierk, Christian Wolff, Sascha Lino Lemke, European ensemble zeitkratzer and others were featured as composer / ensemble in residence.
Beyond that, the festival has presented latest works by audiovisual artists like Katrin Bethge, Josephin Böttger, Makino Takashi, Telcosystems and Rainer Kohlberger.

Pics by Ralf Köster, Pelle Buys, Massimo Golfieri, Henning Lohner, Christina Hansen, Jann Wilken, Janto Djassi, Karl Kürten

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