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The activities of Studio Tonique include graphic design, publishing, editing, research and curatorial projects. The studio is based in Frankfurt / Main since 2010 and is managed by Alexander Horn. Alexander Horn is a freelance graphic designer, currently based in Frankfurt / Germany. He studied communication design at University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt. Since his graduation he has worked at Studio Matthias Görlich, Schuhmacher Visuelle Kommunkaktion, Design in Architektur and hauser lacour.
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Back in the USSR
Faces by 田中 一光 Ikko Tanaka
Rudolf Belling
Pattern generator
The e-scooter Boom
Writing & Design
Writing & Design
Writing & Design
Writing & Design
Writing & Design
Writing & Design
Writing & Exhibition
Writing & Design
Writing & Design
Writing & Design
Writing & Design
Writing & Design
Exiled from Truth: Nine Allegories by Dmitry Borshch
Thames & Hudson
Jerszy Seymour Amateurtopia
The Joys of Ice Skating
Cutting the edges
The pattern of You
Maurice Binder
Neverending Graphics
Le Drugstore Brand Identity
Coffee maker
Book : Monk
Book : Tajima
Book : Lewitt
Book : Baldessari
Book : Armleder
Book : Mullican
Book : Weiner
Book : Cattelan
Book : Brannon
The Menu
What Is A Simulation?
A pattern algorithm for fashion
Books of Memory: Gianpaolo Pagni
Groupe Garcia Ingénierie
German Art since 1960
Akiko Masunaga
Management 7
The Bauhaus Revolution
In Orbit
Tom Ngo
Visual Music
Xavier Antin: Printing at Home
72 dpi
Áron Jancsó
Luigi Colani
AG Frozoni: We need to aim at essential things
Andrea Guccini: 4A+1
Julien Notter and Sébastien Vigne
Erwin Poell: Naturwissenschaft + Technik
101 x 101
E. Hu
Pascal Häusermann
Janine Abraham & Dirk Jan Rol
Principles Of Motion
Make War, Not Love
German Painting after the 1960s
The Many Sides of the Moon
Antonio Rubino
Sadamitsu Neil Fujita
L´Imparfaite by VLF
Life Is Electric. Philippe Weisbecker
constructing meaning in 3 steps
The 2015 best of penccil
Hasui Kawase 川瀬 巴水
France 1661
Oskar Schlemmer: Das Triadische Ballett
Erik Nitsche
What You Think You Know
The Sea by Emil Nolde
Sweets by 若杉 智也
Bender Chair