Cooking with technology, emotion and myth
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This is a series of IoT - enabled domestic cooking devices for the Chinese market which reinterpret the forms and myths of ancient vessels to forge emotional connections. The formal shapes of the four objects - bbq/steamer, kettle, rice cooker and crockpot - are inspired by the forms of ancient bronze vessels from the Shang and Zhou dynasties. Intended for contemporary apartments, these devices constitute an independent modern kitchen and invite users to explore cooking even when they have little space and time. Users can pre-program and remotely operate these devices so that hot water is ready, rice is cooked, and dishes are freshly cooked, steamed, or barbecued when getting home. In ancient Chinese tradition, the mythical Taotie face appereared on cooking vessels and represented a creature protecting its owners. Within this cosmology, the Taotie created a communication connection between people and the heavens. In this contemporary interpretation, the Taotie becomes an animated spirit, an icon and emoji giving friendly feedback to user input.
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